Company History

Royal TKO Media was established on November 18, 2010.  The moniker is the result of various symbolism related to the personal background and beliefs of our founding member and CEO/President, Ms. TeMeka C. Williams.  Royal TKO Media Productions is also strongly influenced by a family with a strong desire to succeed and create a positive impact on the world by leveraging collective experiences on the professional sports level as well as the corporate business level.  Our founding member and CEO Ms. TeMeka C. Williams was asked by her father, Ken Williams, Sr. of the Chicago White Sox/MLB to research the creation of a firm that would not only generate income for the future prosperity of the family but that would also have a positive impact on youth and other individuals who strive to continue the life long learning process both through educational institutions and other personal development opportunities/experiences which life may afford them.  While Mr. Williams remains the initial impetus for Royal
TKO Media, the company goal has evolved and remains on the pursuit of endeavors which instill passion for the future and personal development.


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