Phoenix Rising


Business continues to grow for which I am very thankful. Royal TKO Media was created with my family in mind and thanks to my (adoptive) Dad, Kenny Williams, requesting I begin business owner research for his elusive “retirement plans” which included at that time a focus on helping others who had not maximized their own success. My family has fractured several times over since the inception of Royal TKO Media.

During my own personal struggles through these unfortunate and very necessary changes, I do my best to remember that the frustration, pain, and/or anger I experience should not be passed on to others during completely unrelated matters.  Living in the moment requires that I remain kind and appreciative of others in my life who have no idea what is going on “behind the scenes” and may have crossed my path recently or have been a part of my life for awhile but still have their own challenges behind closed doors. Luckily,  I also have several friends near and far who encourage me, allow me to vent, check on me, and help me think through problems.  Honestly the past three months alone have been a true test of integrity,  perseverance,  and my passion to work no matter what comes my way professionally or personally.  The test is not over yet.  Still, I remember I have made it to the other side of hopeless situations before and I will do it again. Like a Phoenix I will experience a long life and rise above the fire when this chapter finally ends and the time comes to begin a new chapter in the story of my life.  You can do it too! Let’s continue to rise up together.



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